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Hey Guys! My name is Bob and I would like to introduce you to our farm! First a little history. My great grandfather Mike immigrated to the US in 1888 and homesteaded in the Snohomish valley just 4 miles up the road from our current farm. He was originally from northern Italy.

As the first generation in this area he grew apples on his farm, which my dad and his brother still own up on Ricci road. My grandpa Ted took the farm over from his dad eventually and turned it into a dairy farm. My dad was raised on the dairy farm with his 8 siblings. My dad, Darrell followed in his father’s footsteps and went into dairy farming. In 1969 he purchased the farm that we now own today. There, he and my mother Joanne raised us 5 kids.

I wasn’t as into the cows as my siblings and didn’t have much interest in showing them at the fair. My dad thought I needed to do something so he planted a small strip of sweet corn and told me that I could sell the corn at a small stand at the side of the road, I was 9 at the time.

My little corn stand slowly grew over the years until the time came for me to go off to college in Pullman (Go Cougs!). I drove home every weekend during the fall (with the exception of home Cougar football games!) and ran my corn stand. Honestly though, if it wasn’t for my mom’s help while I was in college, things wouldn’t have gone very smooth! After graduation, I came back home and expanded to wholesaling my corn to Safeway grocery stores. This was a great opportunity at the time. I worked on the dairy farm with my dad on top of running my business.

I met my wife Sarah and we were married in 2000. In 2001 my dad made the tough decision to sell the cows. This turned into a blessing in disguise. The calf barn was converted into our country store, it was a fantastic improvement over the little corn stand we had used for the previous 15 years. We also had a baby that year as well and stopped selling corn to Safeway, we were able to retail all our corn from our new store on the farm.

However, without the consistent paycheck from the dairy, I had to get a full-time job off the farm. We decided that I would need to work both jobs for maybe 2-3 years until the farm operation could support us. A funny thing happened during those next few years, we kept having one daughter after another! Each time we had a new baby girl, I would tell my employer that they had me for at least another year. I just couldn't dare leave a good job with full medical and dental! Nearly 8 years and 5 daughters later, I finally was able to leave that job in April of 2009.

Making the transition to farming full time was the best decision ever. I was able to pour my heart and soul into farming. Along the way I had added a few extra crops to my offerings along the way. I planted a small, very small pumpkin patch in 1996, we did u-dig potatoes for a few years and raised gladiolus too. While we still grow pumpkins, we stopped with the glads and potatoes, they weren’t really our thing. 2001 was the first year we tried our hand at a corn maze, and now we have 18 private fire pits you can rent IN our corn maze. We have added fun farm themed attractions to our farm little by little over the years. We have made it into a place where you can come shop in our store or spend the whole day with your family making memories to last a lifetime!

Our 5 girls have loved being raised on the farm. Each of them is so unique, it is fun to watch who they are each becoming. Our oldest daughter Kylie is currently in her second year of medical school. I have made her promise someday to buy me a tractor when she can afford one. Our second daughter Abi is looking forward to her freshman year of college. We are excited for her to make new friends and create amazing college memories. Ellie Mae will be going into her senior year of high school in the fall. She is maintaining her fudge business here on the farm that allows her creative side to come out. Make sure you stop by Ellie Mae’s Fudge Shop while you are visiting! Lucy Jo is daughter #4 and is starting middle school. She is very business minded. She keeps me in check to make sure any purchases are needed instead of just “a want”. She will have her own lemonade shop this year so stop by and support my little entrepreneur. Jorja is the baby and is very protective of her status in the family. This year will be her last year of elementary school. She is definitely going to be the kid that runs the farm someday. She will even let you know that her name means “Farmer”! She can often be found riding the tractor with me or collecting wheelbarrows from parking lots. This kid is not afraid of hard work!

My parents still live on the farm and so we get to enjoy seeing them on a daily basis. The girls love that they can see Nana and Papa whenever they want, especially because Nana gives them any food they want! You can sometimes spot my dad out and about making sure I am doing everything “just right”. We look forward to visiting with you and your family—come and enjoy this beautiful land with us. If you have never met us before, make sure you introduce yourself next time you are in.

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