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How old is Bob? How does he make the maze? How long does it take? How long does it take to get through the maze? What’s the fastest time someone has gotten through? How many varieties of pumpkins do you have? Can you tell me where the Cinderella pumpkins are?

Just a few of the questions asked each season as I work in the lower field pumpkin patch and the 12 acre maze. People are amazed when I tell them Bob isn’t even 50 years old yet and has been farming for 37 years now. I love working down there for several reasons. Talking to the customers is my favorite of all time. So many questions, so many compliments, so much wonder at the beauty all around them. A lot of people are from the surrounding cities of concrete pavement and high rise buildings.

I enjoy working at Bob’s Corn because Bob and Sarah acknowledge that they couldn’t be successful with out us. They don’t only tell us that at the beginning of the season but all throughout the season. They trust us as an extension of them.

All the employees want to work there even though it is hard work. During October the days/nights are COLD and you have to bring a change of clothes in case you get too wet! It’s in the employee handbook for all to read!

If I had to pick my favorite reason for working there I would have to say first reason is because Bob and Sarah make you feel like they couldn’t do it without you and they couldn’t. Second reason is the customers! It is so much fun to interact and listen to the stories they tell.

Sunflower Festival (from Rhoda)

Warm, sunny days with over the top of my head sunflowers! If you haven’t been to the Sunflower Festival you are missing out! Acres and acres of sunflowers waving over the top of your head. And if you come first thing in the morning you will see massive amounts of crows fly out all at once. First of all it’s quite a photo opportunity for you photographers or want to be photographers. Throughout the field you will find different photo opportunities like and old truck that you can actually climb on. An old screen door, a gate, a wagon wheel, a windmill and many more.

Along with the time you spend going through the field you also have available to you food vendors and you can take a tour on the Grain Train. Lowell with be your driver and tell you all about the lower part of the farm.

When working either the maze and pumpkin patch or the sunflowers I enjoy the camaraderie of those I have the privilege of working together with. Some come back year after year and then others are new each season. Either way for that season we are family!


I’m often asked why I work at Bob’s Farm every fall when I am busy with 4 children, a full-time job, a side business. Why would I want to work in the fall from August through October basically 5:00pm Friday to 8:00 PM Sunday at the farm? Why do I put myself through a season being overworked with little sleep and no time around the weekends? I guess that is comes down to a few reasons. First is that the farm is a family. Many of the people are back every year and it is a tight knit group of people who enjoy working hard while having fun. We are all a bit crazy but there is a lot of joy in being around these people every season. Not to mention it is very entertaining watching the bantering between just about everyone on the farm as we joke throughout the day and late into the night.

The farm itself is also a bit of an escape from being stuck in an office. Sure, there are really wet days that dump cold rain. Often you show up in the morning bundled up only to quickly remove layers of coats and sweat shirts and then continually take them on and off throughout the day as mother nature can’t decide what to do. The great thing with the weather though is watching the clouds roll in as well as being on the farm, in the valley as the sun rises and sets. The scenery is amazing as many times I watch the fog lift over the pumpkin and sunflower fields and then slowly return later in the evening.

And of course, there are the families visiting the farm. Personally, I love it when it starts raining and the maze gets muddy. Seeing people come up from the maze covered in mud with the smiles on their faces or watching the parents with young children trying to figure out how to get home without a muddy child spreading the mud all over their car.

Really Bob’s farm offers a bit of Americana from times past, it’s not a paved and fancy amusement park but a working farm. It offers a time out for a busy family to be outside, take a trip on a hayride, roll through corn kernels, have fresh baked doughnuts, or buy old fashioned sodas or pickled “just about anything” in the Country Store (just don’t buy the Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, I call dibs).


Bobs Corn and Pumpkin Farm is a happy, friendly place in a beautiful natural setting for a family outing. There’s not a better place for family and friends to have a shared experience.

On a personal note, Bob and Sarah, the owners, are truly warm and wonderful people that embrace their crew as extended family. I retired after 35 years in the grocery industry and went to work at the farm part time simply for some fun. Thankfully they hired me and it’s turned into a much bigger adventure that has been a blast. Working on a farm is something I’ve craved my entire life and I actually feel appreciated for the first time in my working career. I have gotten to know the best people, now lifelong friends, and get to drive a tractor too! I am blessed to be part of Bobs Corn Crew and invite guests to come share the smiles at this unique adventure.


Several years ago, when I first came to Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm, I was amazed at the variety of goods sold in the county store. Even better than that, the staff at the cash registers were were so friendly and engaging. I remarked to them that when I retired from my current job, I’d love to work here.

Several years later, I met Sarah and Bob at Venture Church. They offered me a job and I was delighted to accept. After 35 years working at the same company, I came in with a certain expectation of how to be treated by my bosses. After four years of working here, I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have been hired by this family.

Bob and Sarah make it a point to retain a variety of people with refreshing skills and match those hires with jobs that suit their personalities. At first, as I wanted to work some from home, Sarah asked me to try my hand at scheduling and timekeeping. We quickly found out that was not my strong suit at the moment, but did realize that my love for the outdoors was not confined to the present weather situation. Dressing in a hat, boots, UnderArmor, a t-shirt, hoodie, down vest, and a Carhartt jacket was now my new uniform for work. I couldn’t be happier!

At the farm, I have the privilege to work in many different areas. My primary job is the the care and planting of flowers. It is a match made in heaven. Pulling weeds in the rain (or occasional sun), designing flower bed displays, applying organic fertilizers and watching my seedlings and bulbs flourish makes my heart sing! Add that to working with a group of people who genuinely love, care and support each other is sometimes more than I could ever believe I deserve. I wish I had “retired” sooner!


Finding your perfect…PUMPKIN!

The days of strolling the acres and acres of pumpkin fields are just around the corner. The joy and exhilaration of the hunt; it’s almost hard to contain the excitement. As you walk through the fields all you can see is glorious pumpkins and gourds galore. As you walk, every fabulous pumpkin catches your eye but nope they are not the perfect one; don’t fret the perfect pumpkin is just a row or two away. Your wheelbarrow in tow; all of a sudden it catches your eye, its your perfect pumpkin! It could be large, small, warts, white, green and orange, the options are endless. Once it’s in your wheelbarrow the hunt for another pumpkin continues, the next perfectly unique one is not far away, under every leaf or the next row over its there somewhere waiting to be found. By the end of the hunt your wheelbarrow is full of the most amazing perfect pumpkins you can imagine. Tomorrow is another day — another day to hunt for more perfectly unique pumpkin