Helpful Tips for Your Visit

  1. This year, we will open mid August for our country store sweet corn. You can buy a seasons pass now and use it August-October to get the most bang for your buck. As the season goes on more attractions will open and multiple festivals will take place. Your season pass will be valid for all of these events and all attractions will be open seven days a week starting September 18th!
  2. Come early! Opening weekend of all our attractions is September 18th. The earlier in the season you come, the fewer people at the farm.
  3. The second and third weekends in October are always the busiest weekends (on every farm, not just ours). If you come these weekends, pack extra patience and be prepared for lines.
  4. If you have booked your fire pit for the second or third weekend in October and the weather is good, plan to arrive two hours prior to your fire. Traffic and parking can take quite a while!
  5. Did you know that your pumpkins will keep for months as long as they don't freeze or aren't cut into? Bob's girls have had pumpkins in their bedrooms until March! Another reason to come early and avoid the crowds.
  6. The earlier in the season you come the better chance of decent weather you will have. BUT we are open rain or shine so put on your rain boots and join the fun!
  7. Did you know you can book fire pits on weekdays for a cheaper rental rate and to avoid the crowds? You can start booking your fires now. Many people book early so don't wait! Visit for more details see our fire pit page.
  8. We are open on the weekdays! If you want to avoid the big crowds and save a few dollars, come on weekdays. Farm admission is 50% off for veterans/military with ID and our 55+ crowd. 
  9. Do you hate changing or feeding the baby when the weather is less than ideal? Come use our “Milk house” and baby changing station located next to Bobby’s back 40! Two semi-private nursing rooms with rocking chairs and 2 indoor changing stations make it a bit easier to keep your baby out of the elements on those crisp fall days.
  10. Our Night Maze is done in the dark with minimal tiki torches at the front tent and half way point. You may want to bring a flashlight or glow stick for a little more light. People have gotten really creative with this in the past and used glow stick necklaces as headbands. If you get stuck, no need to worry! Our Night Maze is filled with corn cops ready to help. Come on out, our night maze starts September 28th. Last maze admission on Friday and Saturday nights is at 10 p.m.!
  11. If it has rained within a few days of your visit, the chances of there being mud on the farm is high. Wear mud boots and bring clean shoes in a grocery bag and keep them in your car. When you are done, put your muddy boots in the bag and put on your clean shoes. Then you won't make a muddy mess in your car! IF you forget to do this, simply turn your floor mats over and the muddy boots will only touch the plastic backing of your mats which can easily be rinsed off.
  12. Don’t want to wait in line for the hayrides? Want to get some extra steps in while you are at the farm? After 35 years of sitting dormant we have reopened our cattle pass that goes UNDER the road and straight into the fields! Bring your walking shoes and enjoy the scenery! The walking path is to the right of the hayrides on the lower side of the fence for Bobby’s Back 40.
  13. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Please keep in mind IF the forecast is for sun all weekend and then rain for the rest of month, everyone (and their mother!) will decide this is the time to come visit the farm. This means you should expect longer than usual lines and extra cars in the parking lot as people squeeze in one last day of fall fun. Come enjoy the farm as we do our best to facilitate the crowds on beautiful weekends.
  14. In case of rain, wear good rain boots and a raincoat. Umbrellas aren't the best option.
  15. If you have limited mobility or aren't steady on your feet, please know that the maze is slippery when it rains. The lower fields have more of a clay soil that, when mixed with rain, turns into slippery, cake-batter mud. Cleats can help you with traction on those muddy days!
  16. Our farm and all attractions are open rain or shine. Come enjoy the fun!